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CEED Mission

``Where there is human being, there is opportunity for kindness`` - Seneca

CEED is an acronym for four powerful verbs – Change, Employ, Empower and Dignify.  Our company’s mission is to empower women in Ghana, West Africa by training them as artisans and providing consistent employment as such, allowing them to support themselves and their children with dignity.
Our artisans are currently crafting multi-purpose bags and traditional African belly bands, our CEED Beads, for sale on this web site and in select retail outlets. We have future plans to open a vocational school in Ghana that will train women artisans in various crafts.
What differentiates CEED from other charitable businesses with similar missions? For one thing, we’re focused on a long-term solution to the problem of persistent poverty these women face.
We consistently employ our artisans, affording them an income they can rely on.  Money creates opportunity – the opportunity to buy their children the uniforms required to attend school, maybe even the opportunity to go back to school themselves.  In addition, the work experience the women gain is meaningful in a society in which women are offered few options for dignified employment. We’re taking steps to stop the cycle of poverty and counteract the cycle of gender inequality currently inherent in the larger African community.
CEED’s founding vision is to profoundly change the lives of the women we employ so that they can better care for themselves and their children. The money we make from every sale of an original CEED product goes directly toward making this vision a reality.

setCEED works in partnership with Operation Dignity International, a nonprofit organization based in Ghana. Operation Dignity is committed to a respectful collaboration and shared vision with the villagers of Ghana, fostering both individual and community development. Since the organization was established in 2007, it has successfully built working fish farms in rural villages, set up micro-loan funding for small businesses, offered ambassador training and set up medical clinics in villages that previously had little to no access to health care.

Our goal to develop the human potential through education, opportunity and community mobilization that will help reduce the poverty and lack of opportunity for many Ghanaians. We will work strategically to build relationships; engaging, empowering and entrusting individuals to be change agents within their own community. 

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