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Meet our Artisans

KJ lives in the village of Adagya, West Africa. Unwanted by her mother, KJ was forced to live in the streets, homeless. KJ missed most of her education for many reasons. Unable to support herself , she sold herself for food and daily needs. Before she was 16 KJ became pregnant and lost her child.

In 2013, KJ was offered a scholarship through Operation Dignity International. The scholarship provided her  sewing lessons, a much used craft in her area.  In January 2014, KJ began creating bags and African bead bands for CEED.

Widowed at a young age, Dorthy was left to support herself and her young daughter.  Dorthy learned how to sew, but wasn’t getting enough work to support herself and her young daughter.

In February of 2014, Dorthy was given the opportunity to work with CEED to create products to sell in the United States. She is currently working to develop her own line.

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Persla is a young mother who has struggled most of her life to feed herself and her family. With just a third-grade education, Persla was forced to do different jobs to try to provide for her young family.

When she met CEED, Persla was given the opportunity to go to school to learn to sew and create artisan products. Persla is currently learning the craft of sewing and is looking forward to coming up with her own product line.