What color...


speaks to you?

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Colors and their Properties

White – opens the wearer up to the energy that is around her.

Yellow – promotes wisdom, knowledge and clarity, increasing awareness and calming nerves.

Orange – promotes optimism and self-confidence, encouraging the wearer to be enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic and adventurous. Orange is thought to be protective, to bring luck and expand one’s sense of self-worth.

Pink – symbolizes unconditional love, romance, purity, femininity and healing. It encourages the wearer to be calm, sensitive, friendly and loveable.

Red – promotes self-confidence, vitality, sexual energy, passion and courage.

Blue – symbolizes knowledge, healing, peace, truth and harmony. Blue is a cooling color that encourages faith, devotion and deep insight.

Green – promotes prosperity, hope, harmony, healing and ripening. It encourages the wearer to be more understanding.

Purple/Indigo - symbolizes deep perception and intuition. Violet enhances inner peace while combating stress.

Gray/Silver – has neutralizing energy, promotes wisdom and communication. Silver can be used to amplify all other colors.

Brown – provides comfort and security. Brown encourages the wearer to be practical, down to earth, calm and successful.

Black – Black is not a true color. It swallows up all other colors. It shields the wearer from outside energy.

 Gold-Builds willpower and inner strength

CEED Beads, or waist beads as they are called in Africa, are an ancient, beloved tradition and are worn by women of all ages, shapes and sizes ( you don’t have to be a size zero to enjoy wearing them!). Our CEED Beads are made by CEED artisans in Ghana, regarded as the bead production capital of the world. Traditionally worn just under the belly button, waist beads are steeped in old beliefs attributing balancing properties to the colors of the beads and healing properties to the beads themselves.

 Waist beads are meant to protect and embrace the woman’s center of femininity and balance. They can be both sensual and comforting. One, or several, bands can be worn under clothing or flaunted, for fashion or personal expression. The beads can even be used as a practical method of monitoring weight; when the beads get a little tight, it may be time to cut back a bit.

How to Measure Yourself:

Measure your bare stomach, under the belly button, where the beads will fall. Make sure the beads are not too snug and not too loose. Remove excess beads if necessary. Tie the beads on your waist, cut excess string. Wear your beads with pride!